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Career Counselling

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Life is all about making the right choices – From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, From the phone we use to the things we read, every single day is filled with hundreds (or thousands) of choices. They say we are a result of our conscious as well as unconscious choices in life. So, why exactly is career counselling necessary? Or how exactly can career counselling help anyone?

The answer to both the questions is same – With so many career paths and options to choose from, so many schools, colleges and institutes to choose from and ultimately so many directions to go on, only an experienced, professional and insightful career counselor can help you make the right choice. Even today, students are forced to follow the ‘typical’ path or profession in our country so as to get maximum security without any risks or challenges in life. However, this approach quickly fails as every student is different in terms of their mental and physical abilities, aptitude, strengths and weaknesses. Career Counselling is giving awareness to the client about self and about the world of work. How to decide a career depends upon one’s knowledge, skills, values, interest, aptitude, personality, IQ & EQ etc. Making the possible permutation and combination of all the above and suggesting the work for future and life is all about career counselling. There is one step before it that is Stream selection or Subject selection. Career counselling ideally must be taken before two years of the age of stream selection but must be taken at least a year before. It helps a child to make up mind, explore and establish the concept. Career counselling is not just suggesting a stream or course but is giving guidance on prospective opportunities based on national & economic policies and the impact of global economy. It also includes suggesting the efforts required to be put on in to get aspiring results.
Thus, by consulting a career counsellor, parents can better understand their children and allow them to make the right career choices for a consistent, clear and confident future ahead.

Career Counselling not only helps students make the right career choice or pick the right course or college, it also enables them to think independently and take the right steps in the right decision. Irrespective of what career choices we make, life will be always full of challenges, hurdles and burdens. An experienced career counselor will guide and motivate a child, student or individual to be prepared for the challenges in life and face them with confidence and self-faith.

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