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Academic Counselling

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Effective academic counseling, career advising, and mentoring foster student success. Academic counseling provides students with clear pathways for successful and timely completion of their academic goals. Mentoring leads to successful completion of educational and career goals.

Educational counseling is giving guidance and support to clarify to children or parents to clarify their doubts and confusion regarding academic excellence. The queries can be as –

  • Why the child's performance is not satisfactory?
  • Why is the child restless?
  • Why is a child not interested in written work?
  • Why is a child argues and answers back?
  • Which subjects or stream to choose after class 10th?
  • Which career to pursue after 12th?

Also, many more such questions exist. These questions are needed to be addressed, timely to avoid adverse consequences.

While selecting the counselor, it is obligatory to make sure that the educational counselor has experience in the field of Education, child behavior & counseling. Predominantly it is required because the counselor has to probe into the mind of the child; comprehend the intentions of the heart; understand the attitude towards life to perceive the passion for inferring suggestions.

There is an immense influence of the parent’s attitude & home culture, on child’s personality. The counselor has to keep these factors also into consideration. A right counselor comes into life as charm who solves all the problems by clarifying doubts, enabling one to reap the benefits of innate abilities. The overall aim of educational counselor is not to make parents aware of their children, strength and weaknesses but provide solutions to maximum use of strength and way to harness their weakness. Same applies for adults if they are looking for counselling for self. The sole purpose of counselling is Self – growth, self – resourcefulness, self – confidence and self – satisfaction, self – achievement and social well – being.

If you need more than a simple question answered we are happy
to take a more in-depth look and provide a one-on-one consultation.