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It is commonly believed that circumstances shape a person, but there are very few who have the will and courage to create the circumstances of their choosing. Dr. Pranavi Luthra stands amongst the few. With her unflinching zeal to achieve excellence and an empathetic outlook, she is a bonafide leader.

Her life experiences and belief to never give up, no matter the pressure and stress, that makes her an inspiration but what truly makes her stand out is, that most people, when faced with hardships, lose the child within them, the sprightly frolicsome inquisitive self yet, with her nothing is lost, such that time and age only seem an illusion, where she's a child with a child. She is giving her the capability to comprehend the curiosities of a child's brain, to guide them and build strong morals and character through her life learnings and nurturing them with the heart of a mother all at the same time thus making the platform for counseling and guidance and wholesome education.

Her numerous years in research have made her an expert in understanding the complexities of modern education and child behavior.

She has had four decades worth of experience in managing and leading her educational institutes along with guiding contemporaries to achieve impeccable standards of value education and a decade of counseling and guiding children and parents to get best outcomes by knowing their children inborn talents, their personalities, and learning styles.

Her aim and life's purpose is to transform the education system. Transcending into an era where India leads the educational front, not by just imitating the world mindlessly, without understanding the purpose and consequences of the implication. However, by building a strong association with our cultural wisdom and as well as embracing the good from the others thus creating education with a breath of fresh air, where the child learns to learn and falls in love with the idea of schooling thus embarking on the journey of beautiful creations.

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