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Career Counselling

Career Counselling is giving awareness to the client about self and about the world of work. How to decide a career depends...

Behaviour Counselling

Behaviour Counselling is correcting one’s socially unaccepted behaviour. The causes of such behaviour are poor interpersonal...

Academic Counselling

Expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder rejects, dislikes, or pleasure of human happiness...

The Way: 4 Simple Steps for Career Selection & Planning

Discovering your perfect career or stream cannot get easier than our unique, scientific approach to career guidance. Through an effective 4-step process to cater to every need, your career confusion doesn't stand a chance.

Advanced Assessment & Best-Fit Matches

Gain a detailed understanding of yourself to get best-fit career or stream recommendations, with personalised development plans to help you improve. Our advanced assessment, developed through extensive research by India’s leading psychometricians, ensures the accuracy and validity of results.

Interactive Stream & Career Activities

Evaluate and ascertain your suitability for suggested streams/careers with interactive activities. Zero-in on your perfect stream or career by matching specific insights about your daily schedule, work style, motivators, academics, and more, with your best-fit matches.

Personalised Guidance from Experts

Plan your career, stream, course, college and more through expert guidance from India’s top career counsellors. Our career coaches, with experience of mentoring 1 million+ students, will help you make the right choice through personalised career counselling and all-round support for all your queries.

Extensive Support & Resources

Excel in your chosen career or stream and plan ahead through comprehensive and well-researched resources on the world of careers, including exhaustive career library, expert-written articles, regular notifications, career e-guides, entrance exam calendars, resume preparation, and more.


Counselling is all about giving advice, suggestion, guidance to a person who either is aware of the problem and wants to improve; or is in stress but ignorant about the situation. In both cases guidance by the expert can put them on the right track to move on in life.

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